The Sag Harbor Jewelry School


THE SAG HARBOR JEWELRY SCHOOL at the Neo Byzantine Gold Studio, 

An introduction to use of tools, decorative techniques, fabrication, stone setting, torch techniques, wax carving and molding...with the aim of allowing the student to pursue their own direction and style. Whether a total novice or an old sage, you will gain in your experience at Neo Byzantine Gold Studio.  From gold nuggets and precious stones we can fashion each unique piece, in the classical tradition. Gold is alloyed, wire is drawn, sheet is rolled, pieces and parts are fused. My Neo-Byzantine style is a culmination of years at the bench and skills I will share with you--no matter what your interest or skill level.

One on one silver and gold smithing lessons. Now you can study with Eleni! Bring your ideas, your sketches and maybe even your old jewelry to re-style. Let Eleni show you how to create something you'll wear... a fresh and original piece or something out of your divorced jewelry or recycled or jewelry we repair.

No experience necessary. You will learn the basics of working a torch, soldering, forging techniques & embellishing. 16 hours, tailored to your interests and experience level for $400. Some materials and all tools are provided. Call to schedule lessons at your convenience. Classes are tailored around YOU!

Call 631.747.1147  to schedule.