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 Custom Orders, repairs, private & small class instruction in goldsmithing, silversmithing and jewelry construction.

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My skill and experience as a studio jeweler has evolved over the nearly four decades I've practiced. I move toward an organic style and away from the machined, perfect look achieved by using "too many tools".  I use pure metal, 22k gold and Fine (pure) Silver and strive toward a bespoke timeless primitivism. Spontaneity, freshness, lack of self-consciousness, a raw but skilled expression, all come into play. The mark of the hand is an important dimension to the inherent spirit in any handmade work.

My company NEO BYZANTINE GOLD was born 40 years ago of a strong attraction to the beauty and richness of classically made wearable jewelry.  My lineage can be traced back to the Byzantine era. Makers from then, paternal grandparents were rug makers from Ghordes and my maternal grandparents, furriers from Pergamos. Ancient crafts and techniques used today have been a part of my Greek familial heritage for centuries. I have always been fiercely attracted to the aesthetic from that period and its pure understated soul. I grew up in the Air Force and traveled my whole life, throughout the States and Europe. I've called the East End of Long Island home for over 40 years. The natural world is my guide and where I gain inspiration.…walking the Ocean, hiking, gardening. Appreciating the beauty of where I live.

I spent years in the manufacturing industry in New York, received my GIA Certification in Diamonds and apprenticed with a classical jewelry designer. I owned and operated Electra Jewelry in the 80’s in Bridgehampton NY. My work has been sold at high end galleries from Beverly Hills to New York City. I worked as the curator of the gold and silver exhibitions and fine high end craft at a prominent East Hampton NY Gallery, all culminating in the store which opened in Sag Harbor—m a d e .

Here you will find my gold and silver work in the NEO BYZANTINE STUDIO collection. You can buy from the site, or we can collaborate on a piece. I handle repairs of all kinds, remounts and special orders.

Please inquire: gold prices fluctuate daily, therefore prices will be confirmed on the day of the material or item order. Thank you for your understanding.




m  a  d  e   by someone, somewhere on earth
Other Peoples Work

Artist, goldsmith  Eleni Prieston knows "the truth of words and ideas lie in actions". This highly curated collection is a testament to that statement. The Hamptons handmade artisan store, 2010-2016, is currently located solely on this site.

MADE & FOUND will sell handmade objects, paintings and work that couldn't possibly have been made by machine...the richness of handmade work. Vintage finds, antiques....things I have come across in my travels that employ techniques long lost and beautiful will be featured for sale here. Artisans whose work I respect and admire. 

'Objects for life' satisfy her criteria that "the maker must have his or her hand in the work". The mark of the hand is what distinguishes manufactured work from handmade work. Objects that carry meaning and quality, as a result of what the creator has invested, heightens satisfaction, lessening the desire for 'more'. It is perhaps the greenest statement one can make.